About Hamptons Elegance

Welcome to Hamptons Elegance. We are an Australian owned and operated retailer selling quality Hamptons or Coastal inspired homewares.

The Hamptons style of decorating is defined by casual, relaxed coastal living with a beautiful elegant but comfortable look. Hamptons decor is often in neutral colours and/or blue and white which is particularly fitting for the Australian laid back beach coastal lifestyle. However, depending on your overall colour scheme a room can sometimes feel cold and/or dull.

We offer advice on styling your home in the classic style of the Hamptons using the principles of Feng Shui and Colour Therapy. In this way, we can help you identify and avoid any traps that you may inadvertently fall into when decorating your home.

After following our tips your home should not only be a stylish, elegant but comfortable and welcoming Hamptons haven, it should also have good balance and energy that will have a positive impact on and enhance the happiness and well being of you and your family.