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    What's in the Your Hamptons Box?

    At least 1 high value, high quality, beautiful decor piece plus 1-2 other pieces that are also high quality.

    Helpful tips for styling the items in your box.


    How often does the Your Hamptons Box come out?

    Your Hamptons Box comes out every third month, i.e. February, May, August and November.


    How much does the Your Hamptons Box cost? 

    $149 every third month.


    FREE Postage is included for every box,


    How does the Your Hamptons Box work?

    Month to Month - you sign up for the box before it closes (around the 2nd of the month)

    6 x Month Subscription - your payment is drawn on the 2nd of each subsequent month, i.e. 2nd February, May, August, November. 

    Your box is packed and posted to you on or around the 15th of the month.

    You unpack your box and style your beautiful pieces - yay!



    When will my box arrive? 

    All boxes are shipped at the same time. This will be the 15th of the month, i.e, 15th of February, May, August November. If the 15th falls on a weekend it will be the next business dayl 


    What is the cancellation policy? 

    If you are on the quarterly plan you can cancel at any time. 

    If you have committed to the 12 months plan you must continue until the end of this commitment. 


    Can't I just buy from your online store?

    Many of the items in Your Hamptons Box are especially curated pieces that may not be available on our online store.

    Additionally, our Your Hamptons Box subscribers receive discounts and special offers as well as FREE postage.

    AND, of course, just think how much fun it will be opening a beautiful box that has been delivered to your front door every second month!


    Do you post overseas?

    Unfortunately at this time our boxes are only shipped within Australia.

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